VampireLycanInc and Dragoness Cosplay Katy Perry Firework Katuscon Lipdub Share

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First take of a lipdub on the gazebo level of the Gaylord Resort at Katsucon 2011.

Dragoness Cosplay:

Dragoness Cosplay on YouTube:

VampireLycanInc on YouTube:

Video by VampireLycanInc that explains the moment:

I felt the same way about Ackson Lee that VampireLycanInc expresses in her video. I was so impressed that my idol took time every morning of the three days at Katuscon to give me tips and encouragement. I would have predicted that he was too busy making the amazing videos that I've studied and enjoyed for so long, so I only went up to him once at the beginning. Yet every day he gave me new tips about my equipment and how best use it, how lip dubs are best directed, and how he was achieving certain effects - which can be seen in his videos on YouTube at - making this the best weekend of my life so far!