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Steampunk at RenCon 2010 Video

Interviews with Steampunk people at RenCon 2010.

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Steampunk was in full force at RenCon 2010, held April 9-11 in Hunt Valley, Maryland.

On the video, representatives from:

Enchanted Glen: (Steampunk spokesmodel Syntheia)

Steampunkfunk Bizarre - An Emporium: (Lord Montague)

Brute Force Studios:

Brute Force Studios Model Nicotine:

Tweets to @yenra about this video

From @dmcordell: "Fantastic - I love Steampunk!" "I love the time travel, Victorian/sci fi aspect of Steampunk. Have you read the YA novel, Leviathan?" "A personal favorite work of literature is Pullman's "His Dark Materials" trilogy (Golden Compass). Many steampunk elements." "Steampunk reminds me of both the old Flash Gordon films I saw on TV in my youth and the classic novels of Jules Verne."